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Hey Lovely, 

I'm Bianca Chaptini

As a Certified Health and Wellness Coach, I am passionate about helping women take back control of their health.

Through my transformative programs I will help you to heal, balance and reset from the inside out.



*offer ends 30 November 2020

Are you ready to...

  • start saying YES to yourself?

  • stop putting yourself last?

  • learn the best foods to eat for your unique body?

  • make the time for precious you?

  • introduce healthy habits in all areas of life?

  • feel good NOW?


If that's a big YES! you're in the right place, beautiful.

What I specialise in

Healing the digestive system

Establishing healthy habits that stick

Helping you to develop a balanced lifestyle and diet

Tailored meal plans and tons of healthy recipes

Setting health goals (and tracking them regularly!)

What I do...

As an Integrative Nutrition health coach (IIN) who has learnt over 100 different dietary theories, I am experienced in helping guide my clients back onto the path of wellness.

 I am passionate about helping people to transform their lives and reinvent themselves from the inside out.


I am your biggest cheerleader, your teacher, your mentor, a friend and confidant.

Nothing is off limits. We will get to the very core of your health concerns and address them with a holistic approach that is guaranteed to have you feeling better asap.

I know this because I've been in your shoes too, dear woman. I understand the fear and confusion that comes with battling one health challenge after another ranging from gut issues, cystic acne, adrenal fatigue and a thyroid disease.

With gentle encouragement an support, I will nudge you in the right direction on your health journey.

Because if I can do it, anyone can.

You deserve vibrant health and wellbeing.

Bianca x

Beyond the bowl

I look at nutrition through the lens of 'primary food' and 'secondary food'.  

Secondary foods are things like food, drinks, supplements etc. 

Primary foods are inedible; rather they nourish us at a much deeper level and include things like relationships, physical activity, career and study, having a passion or purpose, spirituality and sleep.  

No matter how many kale smoothies we drink, we cannot be truly happy or healthy if we ignore the importance of primary foods. 


Together we will explore your current level of satisfaction in the key 'primary foods':

  • Relationships

    Healthy connections are imperative to our wellbeing, we are social, pack animals after all. Don't be dragged down by toxic relationships or negative companions.  Spend your precious time with those who lift you up and celebrate your wins.

  • Exercise

    Get the blood flowing, honey! Moving our beautiful bodies is essential to vibrant health and wellbeing.

    Aim to increase your fitness by adding in at least 3-4 exercise sessions per week. 

  • Career

    We've all been in a dead-end job that we loathed. Did you notice how it infiltrated other areas of your life like your relationships and sleep? Our work has a profound impact on our sense of worth and wellbeing.

    Find a job you love or find ways to love your job. 

  • Spirituality

    Being mindful and savouring the present moment greatly reduces stress, increases gratitude and enhances our overall wellbeing.

    Find a way to still your mind through meditation, prayer, a gratitude journal or simply being in nature.


"I am incredibly lucky to have had Bianca as my health coach as it was the beginning of a new era for me. I immediately trusted Bianca entirely as she is so knowledgeable and provides a personalised program.


When I saw she had a lot to offer and could help me I joined her three-month program and booked my children and I into her healthy cooking classes. Then later I extended the program by another month as Bianca was helping me so much to finally reach my weight loss goal.


Bianca provided me with meal plans, wonderful and simple recipes, healthy snacks and various products, advised me of the best books, podcasts, and healthy places to eat. I learnt so much about different food, I discovered for the first time that healthy food can be incredibly tasty, flavorsome and filling.


The results are ENDLESS!!! I now exercise most days, I sleep better and my digestion problems have gone (I am not bloated anymore!). I switched caffeine for turmeric lattes and herbal teas. My intense sugar cravings have finally gone. I have way more energy and stamina. Finally, I am a stranger to yoyo dieting as all her advice, tips and tools have become my new lifestyle. It’s a new me!


I lost so much weight since beginning the program and now I like looking at my body again. I lost nearly 12 kg and am still losing weight. It is a fantastic feeling to be able to enjoy shopping for clothes again. I am incredibly grateful for Bianca’s help as I love myself again. Bianca’s program worked so well for me; I am now thinking of studying nutrition too. 

Veronique Cooke, London.

"I am very happy and proud of my achievements and absolutely convinced I could not have done it without Bianca’s help and expertise.

Bonnie Rois

"Bianca's sweet and gentle nature is the perfect compliment to the hard hitting truths she imparts around holistic health, wellbeing and mindfulness. I was blown away by how effortlessly she guided a room from complete silence to animated discussion, without compromising on the depth of the content or calmness of the room. Bianca somehow leaves you feeling educated, empowered, motivated, yet relaxed, and is genuinely just the nicest person. If you're feeling a bit lost in yourself and are seeking a gentle, nurturing soul to guide you through, I can only recommend Bianca as a starting point for that journey.

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