An Australian health coach, fresh off the boat from London, with a passion for all things healthy, natural and nourishing. I’ve been into food and health since I was a child. I still remember the day Mum and I visited a nutritionist for her gestational diabetes - something inside of me said “YES! I want to help people be healthier when I grow up.”

It took me awhile to realise this dream as an adult. My ego-fuelled teenage self instead pursued a career in marketing as she imagined it was more glamorous and exciting. The Universe had a bigger plan. You see, living out of alignment with your true self, your passion and purpose doesn't do wonders for your health or happiness. After many years climbing the corporate ladder, I had enough. My soul was calling for something new, something more me, something fresh and exciting.

I kept hearing about the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and after years of deliberating, I finally took a leap of faith and made the transition to study nutrition and to start saying YES! to my inner calling.  It was one of the best decisions I've ever made and ignited a transformative personal journey of healing, learning and letting go.  


I truly believe it’s our birthright to be totally healthy and fulfilled in all areas of our life. It greatly saddens me that there is so much unnecessary suffering on this planet today (one of the reasons I refuse to watch the news!). I am on a mission to help people take back control of their health and create the best version of themselves possible. In my sessions we'lll focus on all areas of your life that impact your health and vitality - It's so much more than about the food on your plate. 

When we have someone to keep us motivated and on track, it's SO much easier to establish new healthy habits. I’ll help you identify and explore the imbalances in your life that are blocking you from flourishing, and I’ll keep you motivated to reach your health goals.

I look forward to helping you on your health journey.

Bianca xo



When I was 25, I plucked up the courage to move from my hometown, Adelaide, to Sydney for what I thought was my ‘dream job’ in media (my previous career is marketing).

I thought I was "living the dream" with a cool job in the city, access to all the best parties (think rooftop soirees at Facebook HQ) and a cute pad on Sydney Harbour.

The Universe had a different plan I soon discovered, as one Friday afternoon I was told I “wasn’t quite the right fit”.

This was a first. I panicked: How would I find a new job? Should I go back to Adelaide? Why me?  How would I pay my rent? It wasn't exactly the smooth transition to a new city/home/job that I had hoped for.

All of this stress took a toll on my health. In the months that followed, I seemed to develop every illness under the sun. Eye infections, digestive disorders, unexplained rashes, sinus infections, women’s health/hormonal issues, knee problems, chronic headaches, muscle spasms, cystic acne, and excruciating abdominal pains when exercising. All at the same time.


This continued for months, if not years, and lead to an unhealthily obsession with over-analysing every little twitch and symptom in my body. I saw doctor after doctor to investigate the never-ending list of health concerns.


In 2014 I began to experience a series of "AHA!" moments. The first was when the neurologist and naturopath I was seeing both enquired about my lifestyle.


These progressive practitioners asked me what my new job was like, if I was in a relationship, did I exercise, if I practiced mindfulness, how I relaxed, what my sleep was like, how was my home environment?


At first, I thought they were wasting my time! What did these questions have to do with all my symptoms?!


It was the first time a health professional asked questions about my lifestyle and environment, and highlighted how those factors could affect my wellbeing.


At the same time, a dear friend got me onto the book You can heal your life by Louise Hay and it all started to click. Louise teaches self-love and self-care and I was hooked from the first page.


Cue more  "AHA!" moments. The dots were finally joining

I believe it’s our birthright to be totally healthy and totally fulfilled in all areas of our life.


Giving up and returning to safe little Adelaide wasn't an option. I ended up staying in Sydney for four years and then I moved to London in 2017. 


Over the past six years, I have developed a deep appreciation for the body's innate drive to heal. Given the right environment, mindset, food and relationships, the body has an incredible ability to repair, regenerate and reset.


I’ve healed most of these ailments - and am still on a healing journey - with a holistic lifestyle including plenty of wholefoods (mostly plants...cough *kale* cough), mindset shifts, and a long list of non-negotiable self-care practices. 


I nourish my mind with: affirmations, podcasts, freeing myself from toxic people, stillness and silences 

I nourish my body with: healing foods, filtered water, supplements, natural beauty and skincare products, movement that feels good (yay to zumba, nay to treadmills) and tongue scraping 

I nourish my spirit with: nature therapy, forest bathing, being with children and animals, and meditation.


None of this is a chore. I live and breathe wellness. It's my my passion, my purpose, my calling. 


I feel SO lucky to be able to turn this passion into a business and help those who want to take back control of their health on all levels. It's really a dream come true. 

Bianca Chaptini is a leading expert in health and wellness, guiding women through their diet and lifestyle challenges to become the best version of themselves. Trained and certified by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a holistic health coach, Bianca regularly delivers talks and workshops aimed at empowering women to take back control of their health. Bianca’s clients are drawn to her practical, down-to-earth, bespoke approach. Health is a journey not a destination, and Bianca’s passion for wellness comes from navigating her own journey to improved wellbeing in all areas.  To learn more, please visit

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