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Hummus three ways

Being of Lebanese descent, I grew up with this moreish dip as the centrepiece of every family feast, so it’s no surprise I’m a total hummus addict! I smear it on everything as it totally transforms the simplest and plainest of dishes (much like my other favourite, avocado), into something special. This eye-catching dip trio is my go-to share plate for any party or gathering as it never fails to impress. When paired with a colourful selection of  seasonal veggie crudites (carrot, cucumber, radish, red pepper  and celery are great options) , it makes for an irresistible rainbow  plate of goodness and the perfect festive nibble platter. It's a fun dish to make with the children too, as it's so hands on yet requires little preparation except for draining a few tins of chickpeas and chopping up the vegetables.  Just make sure you supervise them with the cutting and blender!

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