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Mindful eating

Presented in collaboration with the owners of LLS Café, sisters Hayet and Sonia, join us to discover what it means to eat mindfully and how to incorporate this healthful practice into your everyday life.


In this interactive workshop, we’ll explore:

  • the four pillars of mindful eating

  • why you need to stop counting calories and instead tune into your unique body

  • where digestion begins

  • Why snacking is ruining your digestion and weight loss goals

  • what your food cravings really mean, and more! 


Hot drink (including a range of dairy-free lattes and teas) and snacks provided.

Mindful eating

1 November


LLS Cafe, Hampstead

Tuesday 16 October 

Farmacy, Notting Hill

Mindfulness is everywhere you look these days. As we strive to live more mindful and therefore present lives, how can we extend this practice to our plates?


Together with friend and founder of The Happiness Planner,  Mo Seetubtim, we’re excited to host two mindful eating events at London's hottest restaurant for the health-conscious, Farmacy.


Discover what it means to eat mindfully and how to incorporate this healthful practice into your everyday life over a delicious three-course, organic, plant-based dinner.


Come along for an interactive, educational evening and learn:


  • what is mindful eating and why is it important?

  • how to be more present around your food choices and their effect on your body

  • why it's important to ditch the diet mindset and stop focussing on calories

  • how to tune into your unique body and its needs

  • how to align your eating patterns with circadian rhythms

  • why snacking is ruining your metabolism and digestion

  • how to decode food cravings, and more!

Only 14 seats available at each event.


We can't wait to see you there!


Bianca and Mo x

"Offering an array of delicious plant-based dishes inspired from around the globe, Farmacy supports both a vegan and vegetarian diet, free from dairy, refined sugars, additives and chemicals."



Photos taken from the restaurant's Instagram.


Sponsored by Remedy Drinks


In the first half of 2021, I was SO excited to join forces with a leader in the wellness industry, Fast Twitch, to host these a series of monthly wellbeing workshops at their incredible start-of-the-art facilities. 

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