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Introducing the 10 steps to nourish and flourish

As a holistic health coach, people are often curious about my diet, lifestyle and how I keep myself in tip top shape (most of the time). I love to share my healthy living tips with those who are open and receptive to initiating positive changes in their lives. It seems fairly obvious that the first thing people think about when seeking to improve their health is...drumroll...their diet! And that’s great. But there’s this whole other category of ‘food’ called primary foods that make more of a difference in the opinion of us integrative health coaches.

Primary foods are things like your relationships, career or purpose, physical activity, spirituality and more. These are the factors that really nourish us at a deeper level than the foods we consume.

Think about it. Can you recall a time in your life when you were in a toxic relationship or a dead-end job you absolutely loathed? I’m sure it took a toll on your sleep, food choices, other relationships and your mindset. Perhaps you had no energy to exercise. Maybe you had a short temper and were easily triggered by passing comments of friends and family. What many people don't realise (me included, prior to studying nutrition) is that these factors are all intricately linked and an imbalance in one area will inevitably affect other areas.

No matter how much kale you eat, you cannot achieve optimal health without considering primary foods.

In my mission to help people live healthier and more balanced lives, I share with you my 10 steps to nourish and flourish. I hope this information inspires you to get honest with yourself and the areas which are calling for more self-love. Life is precious and it's not enough to simply feel 'ok' or 'symptom-free'. We deserve to wake up feeling happy, enthusiastic, passionate, driven, energised, refreshed, alive and well!

Rather than overwhelm you with all 10 steps at once, I will post one step each week over the next 10 weeks to give you time to implement and experiment with my suggestions and challenges. Remember, we are seeking balance here, so the 10 steps must build on each other each week.

I look forward to hearing about your 10 steps to nourish and flourish journey. Leave me a comment below about your favourite step and why.

You deserve to flourish!

Bianca x

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