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Earth Day

On this Earth Day, I’m reflecting on how my lifestyle choices affect our precious Mother. After recently re-watching What the Health and Forks over knives (and David Attenborough’s Our Planet), I am committed more than ever to cut back my consumption of animal products.

It is painful to witness the devastating effect that us humans are having on our planet. Deforestation no thanks to palm tree oil plantations, cattle ranchers destroying the Amazon (devastating when you understand trees are our oxygen source and filter out toxins from the air we breathe), catastrophic bush fires that wiped out billions of animals in Aus this year, global warming causing massive sky-scraper-sized glaciers to melt and increase sea levels + bleached coral and reefs around the world impacting the entire ocean ecosystem (I nearly cried when I saw a pic of what kilometers of the great barrier reef now look like - a grey ghost town of once candy-coloured underwater forests), plastic-filled oceans now and fishless oceans in the future. My heart hurts right now as I write this.

Humans are so destructive - future great-grandchildren, please don't hate us. It's all so sad, shocking and depressing. But, if we have a conscience, it can be empowering. I care about the future of my children's children's children and I think you do too.

OK rant over. But these two docos + Cowspiracy: the Sustainability Secret & 'Before the flood' are a MUST-SEE for all humans who care about our environment and the future of Mother Earth. David Attenborough's Our Planet series is another fave. We will be watching more David Attenborough tonight; is there such a thing as too much Mother Nature awareness/appreciation?!

So here is one practical thing we can ALL do today to show our Mother that we give a damn: eat LESS animal products - factory farming is undoubtedly the number one strain on our planet. Fill up at least 1/2 your plate with veggies, fill 1/4 your plate with a healthy whole grain ie quinoa or brown rice, then, if you must, have a small portion of lean, organic, grass-fed, free-range meat (but not every meal or every day) or why not try protein-packed beans? Vegan curry for us tonight!

Stay conscious, stay mindful and stay well.

Bianca x

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