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Emotional eating and how to manage it

If 2020 is anything to go by, emotional eating is a real thing and comfort foods do serve their purpose. On that note, what do you reach for when you’re craving comfort, feeling low, stressed or anxious? I'll bet it’s chocolate or piece of gooey fudgy chocolate cake? Maybe it’s a bowl of hot chips or a juicy burger?

Unless you reach for a salad (like I do, just see above. But not all the time...I too have had my fair-share of gluten-free vegan brownie cravings) or veggie sticks dunked into my beet hummus when you’re down (go you!), it’s common to get caught up in the vicious cycle of overeating or binge eating, guilt, regret, shame, self-sabotaging beliefs and self-imposed punishments.

While it's natural to turn to food when the going gets tough (ie during the "new normal"), it becomes a problem when it's not happening in a healthy mindful way. It is possible to gain control (minus the deprivation and calorie counting) and adopt a healthier mindset and behaviours by nourishing ourselves in ways that supports our overall health - physically, mentally and of course emotionally. That's what I'm so excited to share with you next week at my 'Emotional eating and how to manage it' workshop.

Join us to discover:

  • what is emotional eating exactly and why do we do it

  • how to heal and break your emotional eating cycle

  • the messages behind emotional eating - what is your body trying to tell you

  • why emotional eating isn’t the root problem but rather a symptom

  • nourishing ways to ‘self-soothe’ (without needing that choc mud cake!) with my top 5 healthy habits (hint: it's about SO much more than the food on our plates)

Hope to see you there, lovely!

P.s it's free for all Fast Twitch members and guests of members, so bring along your bestie, sister, Mum, colleague, anyone who you think will benefit from this information! Share it with them right now by sending them a link to this page or by using the buttons below. Thanks gorgeous! Oh an members can book via the Fast Twitch or Mindbody apps, no need to buy a ticket on Eventbrite :-)


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