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Great gut health

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Great gut health is a thing. Yes, it’s possible to wake up and poop normally every day without pain or strain, to feel good – energised even – after eating, to experience little to no bloat and to feel pain-free during and after eating or drinking.

And because of the gut-brain connection, great gut health will have you feeling better mentally too: think less brain fog, better mood, clarity of mind, improved memory and concentration. Sounds, well, GREAT doesn’t it! Who doesn’t want to experience all of these health benefits?!

After many years of struggling with digestive issues myself such as irritable bowel syndrome, food intolerances and more, it's a topic I’m SUPER passionate about. In my pre-health coach days, I spent countless hourssss researching my symptoms to better understand how I could manage – or beter yet – overcome them altogether.

I’m definitely not alone. In today’s increasingly toxic world, it seems more and more of us struggle with digestive issues each day. In fact, I personally know more people WITH digestive complaints than without. Often though, many people are unaware that their symptoms are gut-related. For example, they think it’s normal to bloat to the point of looking five months pregnant after a modest bowl of pasta. That used to be me, **sigh**.

My mum tried to comfort me, and at first I believed her: ‘It’s normal to bloat after eating’. Here’s the thing, a) just because something is common it doesn’t mean it’s 'normal' and b) there’s a big difference between looking a little full and looking (and feeling!) pregnant.

Back then, around 2011, I followed the government food pyramids and therefore thought it was healthy to eat tons of grains – bread, pasta, lasagne, gnocchi, cereal, muesli bars, sandwiches, you name it – they featured in the biggest slice of the pyramid (the base) along with fruits and vegetables (which I also ate plenty of and still do).

The problem is the difficult-to-digest grains, mostly wheat, barley, rye and oats, which contain the gluten protein wreak havoc on our poor digestive systems. Aside from these grains, our guts are bombarded with inflammatory substances each day thanks to our standard American/Australian (western) diets (also known as the SAD diet), which is largely processed and devoid of nutrients.

That’s why, and because everything stems from the gut, as a Certified Health Coach, I put every client I work with on a gut elimination protocol. I truly believe every human on this planet can benefit from improving their digestion.

On that note, I’m so excited to join forces with a leader in the wellness industry, Fast Twitch, to host our ‘Great gut health’ workshop next Thursday 25 March. If you or anyone you know struggles with digestive issues, come along to and learn everything you need to know about improving your gut health. Just make sure you book ASAP as limited seats available.

We hope to see you there.

Bianca and the Fast Twitch team x


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