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International Women's Week 2022

As I reflect on International Women’s Day/Week, here's what’s coming up for me at the moment… My wish for women everywhere is that we can all learn to reclaim our feminine radiance. That we can learn to honour, love and respect our bodies. Listening with love to our bodies’ intelligence, our inner knowing, our full body YES’s.

That we can learn to say yes when we mean it and say no when it’s a firm N.O.

I wish for inner peace, discernment and clarity so that we stay on course or choose a new course.

I wish that we could all accept ourselves fully, flaws and all. And in the words of John Legend, love all those “perfect imperfections”.

I pray that we can see the beauty that is present in each moment. It is there if you are ready and willing to find out.

I hope that we can learn to love our own company and get comfortable being with her. Sitting with ourselves, getting to know ourselves better, loving ourselves, serving ourselves first before anyone else. This is an act of radical self-love, not to be mistaken with selfishness.

May we fill up our own ‘glass-half-full’ cups first, before anyone else’s. Let’s nourish and nurture ourselves first and foremost ladies, then we can truly be of service to others and nourish those around us, too.

May we approach each day with gratitude. Because there is always, ALWAYS something to be thankful for.

I hope that women everywhere can learn to understand and appreciate the immense and innate intuition that we have available to us at each and every moment. If we could only just get still enough to hear her small, still voice.

I wish that we could establish healthy boundaries with ourselves and others and protect our energy fields fiercely. Not allowing in our space any person, object or thing that diminishes our spark, our light, our radiance.

May we follow our bliss, surround ourselves with beauty, and prioritise pleasure. Being here in this present moment, not worrying about the future or obsessing over the past.

Sending you so much peace, love and joy, beautiful woman.


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