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Mindful eating: 8 things to keep in mind

Mindful eating is essentially defined as the act of being truly present with your food. But, to me, it's also about so much more. There's a few key considerations to factor in if you want to become a mindful eater or an even more mindful eater! These are the top 8 tips I share with my clients, friends and fam...

  • do you eat with the seasons? 🍂 For example, warming foods in winter and cooling foods in the summer?

  • do you know your Ayurvedic dosha (or constitution) - are you a vata, pitta or kapha? 🍃 If so, are you eating in a way that pacifies your dominant dosha or aggravates it? You can take a free test online to find out your dosha, just search "ayurvedic dosha type test" and set aside about 10 minutes or so to complete the comprehensive questionnaire

  • what times of the day do you typically eat breakfast, lunch and dinner? 🍽️ Are you eating late at night when your digestion is hankering down for the night? How do you space out your meals and snacks to maintain your blood sugar levels?

  • when was the last time you practiced gratitude or giving thanks for the meal on your plate, the food in your fridge, the chefs that prepared your meal?🙏

  • how in-tune with your body are you during and after eating? A