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True, sustainable health takes time, my friend. Just as it can take time for us to feel sick, bloated, groggy and foggy; it doesn’t happen overnight.


With a little patience, dedication and an open-mind, together we will get you back on the wellness track. Whether you're just after a couple sessions to get you started or, if like most of my clients, you would prefer my gentle support and guidance for a more sustained period, I have a program to suit your unique needs.


Typically, most clients get the best value and results from my three-month program. This gives us plenty of time to establish your goals, track those goals and ensure we conquer every one of them! 


Think about it, a lot can happen in three months. New situations at work and in your relationships, you could move houses or cities, your fitness and energy levels can ebb and flow, the seasons will change, one minute you're staying warm with hearty soups and next it's time to dust off the juicer ready for summer!


My program works because I'm there to help you through the ups and downs that life throws at you.

I’ll guide you to achieve balance in all areas of your life so that you, your body and your mind can hum along harmoniously no matter what the circumstances.

three and six month programs
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