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“My goals working with Bianca were to lose weight, and to improve both my mindset and self-care. Bianca provided me with a meal plan, lots of recipes, homework and readings which all helped to keep me on track. I was committed more than ever to cook healthy meals and stick to the meal plan as everything was so delicious and I could feel was helping with my digestion (less bloating and IBS symptoms). Bianca is well-informed, organised, and helps you to feel comfortable; I really looked forward to each session.  Working with Bianca, I feel valued and that I can now do it on my own, making healthier food choices and maintaining an ongoing self-care practice."

Kylie Ellis, Adelaide, South Australia

"I just want to say a massive thank you for all the excellent and professional advice. I believe it will help my health so much. I really believe you have a successful future ahead of you, and I wish you lots of good luck." Hannah O Brien, London, UK.

"My experience with Bianca was very positive. I found her to be understanding about my hope and fears about what changes my body would go through when following her health advice. Bianca is well informed about healing through food, particularly plants. I felt comfortable, safe and confident that Bianca would help me to heal naturally. I would recommend Bianca to anyone who wants to improve their health through introducing a natural and holistic lifestyle - you won't regret it." Dean, London, UK.

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“After attending Bianca's 'Nourish and Flourish' talk at work, I felt inspired and totally connected with her well-informed and up to the minute method.  I signed up for her program and frankly have not felt better on every level for years!  I could say 'ever'!  Her ethos is so bespoke; during the initial consultation I really felt Bianca's holistic, supportive and kind approach.  No stone left unturned and that's a good thing because after years of sugar cravings, mood swings and carrying too much weight, I am not reaching for sugar at all, my mood is stable and I've shed many pounds.  All I can say is:  if you are in a space where you feel ready to welcome an entirely new lifestyle in terms of nutrition (thanks for the affirmations, gratitude diary, physical health support and inviting me to the best yoga classes around!) - Bianca is your answer.  Book her NOW!"

Sarah Oubridge, London, UK.

“Since working with Bianca in her three-month program, I am healthier and happier. Bianca motivated, inspired and empowered me; I now have the ability to choose healthy food, I love cooking and enjoy EVERY single recipe she provided. The fortnightly homework, detailed instructions and tailored meal plans Bianca provided helped me to achieve my health goals. Bianca has gifted me a tool which I can practice daily and it is a skill I now own and will continue to practice for my lifetime. This has been a lifechanging experience.”  Lin Cen, Adelaide, South Australia.

"Bianca's sweet and gentle nature is the perfect compliment to the hard hitting truths she imparts around holistic health, wellbeing and mindfulness. I was blown away by how effortlessly she guided a room from complete silence to animated discussion, without compromising on the depth of the content or calmness of the room. Bianca somehow leaves you feeling educated, empowered, motivated, yet relaxed, and is genuinely just the nicest person. If you're feeling a bit lost in yourself and are seeking a gentle, nurturing soul to guide you through, I can only recommend Bianca as a starting point for that journey." Bonnie Sleeman, London, UK.


"During the peak of Covid-19 I found myself lacking routine and feeling flat. With the uncertainty of when life would return to 'normal' and having more time on my hands, I thought it was the perfect time to focus on my own health and wellness. I'm not one to make drastic changes and so didn't know what to expect from a health coach. Thankfully, Bianca had a holistic approach and was very respectful of working at a pace I was comfortable with. We looked at small yet effective changes I could introduce into my daily life. Slowly but surely I could see progress being made and feel a shift in my energy levels. My life has structure again and I'm feeling so much better for it. I recommend Bianca to anyone who wants to make positive changes but doesn't know where to start - she will guide, support and encourage you every step of the way!"

Krystal Frey, Adelaide, South Australia.

"Before I worked with Bianca I was really tired, could not get motivated and my immune system was down. Bianca really listened to me and explained why my body wasn't fully functioning the way it should. We discussed options, meal plans, ingredient lists and elimination diets and set targets each week.  I really enjoyed the health food store trips and learning about nutrition and wellness. After working with Bianca I feel more confident, alert and motivated to make the right food and health choices. I now see the benefits of a healthy lifestyle." Zarina Maan, London, UK.

“Dear Bianca, the gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free banana cake with vegan chocolate drizzle yesterday was pure DECADENCE. Absolute culinary perfection! We completely loved everything that you made with us in the two-hour cooking class.  The spiced kale crisps and salmon veggie skewers were delicious and I am so excited to add these to my repertoire and our family’s menu rotation...We’ll  definitely be having them again soon.  It really was a magical afternoon, thank you so much for taking the time to spend it with us!" Shannon Jones, London, UK.

“Before working with Bianca, my goals were to gain more confidence, eat healthier (less processed foods) and exercise more. Bianca helped me to achieve ALL of these goals by tailoring the program to my specific needs with a focus on mental health. I ended up losing 5.5 kilos during the 12-week program and am motivated to keep going and lose even more! The dietary changes helped me to lose weight as I was eating more wholefood plant-based meals and everything was gluten-free and dairy-free. As a result, my tastebuds have changed from craving greasy salty foods to craving fresh produce. If you want to improve your health and wellbeing but don’t really know where to start, I recommend Bianca’s caring and supportive guidance.” Tamara, Adelaide, South Australia

Veronique client after losing 12 kilos of weight

"I am incredibly lucky to have had Bianca as my health coach as it was the beginning of a new era for me. I immediately trusted Bianca entirely as she is so knowledgeable and provides a personalised program. When I saw she had a lot to offer and could help me I joined her three-month program and booked my children and I into her healthy cooking classes. Then later I extended the program by another month as Bianca was helping me so much to finally reach my weight loss goal. Bianca provided me with meal plans, wonderful and simple recipes, healthy snacks and various products, advised me of the best books, podcasts, and healthy places to eat. I learnt so much about different food, I discovered for the first time that healthy food can be incredibly tasty, flavorsome and filling. The results are ENDLESS!!! I now exercise most days, I sleep better and my digestion problems have gone (I am not bloated anymore!). I switched caffeine for turmeric lattes and herbal teas. My intense sugar cravings have finally gone. I have way more energy and stamina. Finally, I am a stranger to yoyo dieting as all her advice, tips and tools have become my new lifestyle. It’s a new me! I lost so much weight since beginning the program and now I like looking at my body again. I lost nearly 12 kg and am still losing weight. It is a fantastic feeling to be able to enjoy shopping for clothes again. I am incredibly grateful for Bianca’s help as I love myself again. Bianca’s program worked so well for me; I am now thinking of studying nutrition too

Veronique Cooke, London, UK.

“I last minute booked onto Bianca’s and The Happiness Planner’s mindful eating event and I was so glad I went! Bianca not only was full of amazing information but also inspired me to really think about the food I was eating. Before the event, I would count my calories and be scared of gaining any weight and not knowing how much I was eating. Now, I’m trying to wean myself off of counting and focusing on how I feel when I eat and making sure I don’t over stuff myself (which I was guilty of often). The only thing I’ll be keeping track of when it comes to food now is how I feel after I’ve eaten, how wonderful the food was and how much protein I’m getting in a day! Thank you for such an amazing event at an amazing venue!" Scarlett Gilbart, London, UK.


"Thank you so much for this evening's talk. You did a great job and inspired some of our members to take up the challenge to nourish and flourish. I'm sure you'll get some good feedback from our members on the benefits of those important 10 steps to wellbeing." Julie Bridgewater, London, UK.


"Bianca was very easy to understand and her presentation was very informative. It was helpful that Bianca brought in the healthy products she talked about. I felt her passion and positive energy when she talked about nutrition. I will definitely ask Bianca if I have any questions on nutritional health." Yoko Azuma, London, UK.


"I had the privilege to attend Bianca's session on health and wellbeing. Her talk was extremely informative and topics covered were a real eye-opener. I would highly recommend experiencing it for yourself." Dev Agarwal, London, UK.


“Bianca gave a wonderful presentation full of important dietary information. I have already started with the oat milk instead of dairy and feel clearer already." Cecil Griffiths, London, UK.


"Thank you Bianca and Mo of The Happiness Planner for hosting an amazing workshop based on mindful eating! I really enjoyed it and now focusing on my next steps to healthy and mindful eating. The workshop was a brilliant way for me to kickstart and Bianca is amazing and I’m looking forward to working with her again." Ligia Costa, London, UK.

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