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Since beginning my wellness career in 2017...

I have been fortunate to work with organisations, charities, universities, governments, gyms and wellness centres as a guest speaker and facilitator for wellbeing programs, events and initiatives.

In recent years, I have developed corporate wellbeing workshops for government and university clients.

Attendees describe me as a confident, passionate, and relatable wellness expert and communicator who delivers the latest in health research and insights, along with plenty of personal anecdotes and humourous stories to keep them interested, motivated and engaged.


Keep scrolling for testimonials from from past attendees.

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Hugging a Pillow
Gut health 101

Discover the fascinating gastrointestinal organs, what the gut-brain connection is all about, and how to improve digestive function through nutrition, mindset and lifestyle.

Work-life balance / Study-life balance

It's challenging to strike a healthy balance of work, rest and play - our fast-paced lives leave little room for anything beyond work, chores and life admin. Discover my top tips and strategies to reduce the burnt out, exhaustion and overwhelm.

Decorated Donuts
Emotional eating 

Learn how to manage cravings and overcome them. Get to the root cause of what your food choices are trying to tell you. Discover how to tackle cravings and take back control over your tastebuds!

BC yoga behind.jpg
Mental health during stressful times

Find out my top self-care strategies to boost your mental health during challenging times. You will learn simple ways to boost your mindset, minimise stress and create more balance in your life.

_MG_1595 (3).jpg
Mindfulness and Mindful eating

Improve your relationship with food, say goodbye to the toxic diet culture and food rules and start listening to your body. Learn how to approach food with an intuitive lens.

Sleeping with Eye Mask
Sleep hygiene 

Sleep - that elusive thing that's always at the bottom of your to-do list. Rediscover the benefits of deep, restorative sleep. Find out how you can get proper shut eye that will have you feeling mentally and physically refreshed and renewed.


Have a special topic or session in mind that you'd like to offer your unique community? Is there a particular area of health you'd like me to cover that you think could benefit your team? Are you looking for wellness-related guest speaker to talk about a specialised topic?




Inclusive. A safe non-judgmental space for us to come together and exchange insights on various health topics.


Engaging. Rather than lecture your audience, I prefer to involve them by asking questions of the group and gaining their perspectives on the topic, 


Interactive. Think group share, sharing with the person next to you, plenty of time and space for questions and maybe even workshopping participants' challenges.


Insightful. Research and data-backed diet, lifestyle and environmental suggestions. My audiences come prepared with a pen and paper handy.



Each of the above topics usually goes for about 1-2 hours, depending on the size of the group and level of engagement. 

I have been engaged by wellness centers, gyms and organisations to host monthly workshops, with a different topic each month.

I host 'lunch n learn' series for my corporate clients that run for about 45-60 minutes.

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Delivery modes


Since the COVID-19 pandemic, I have adapted all of my workshops and masterclasses for online, hybrid and in-person delivery.

Improve employee health & wellbeing

There’s no denying that we live in an unprecedented era. On top of all the day-to-day stressors many of us face, these are extraordinarily stressful times, these are uncertain times and these are times of immense worry, angst and confusion.

There’s also no denying that when your employees feel seen, valued and appreciated, they are more likely to be motivated, empowered and productive in the workplace.

Image by Elisa Ventur

Research consistently demonstrates a positive correlation between employee wellbeing and productivity.

Stressed Man

Did you know?

Mental health conditions (depression and anxiety) cost Australian businesses between $11-12 billion dollars each year through:


  • staff absenteeism (more sick days)

  • decreased performance and productivity (at work but not working well)

  • raised staff turnover rates and the associated recruitment/training costs

  • workers compensation claims*




Each of the wellness topics listed above costs:


  • $795 for a 60-minute session, and

  • $1550 for a two-hour session


This is the price for both in-person, online or hybrid sessions.

If you are after a bespoke workshop specially curated for your organisation and team, please fill in the form below to discuss your needs and for a cost estimate.

All of my sessions come with:

  • slide deck

  • 10-15 minutes of Q&A at the conclusion of presentation

  • participant workbook

  • post-session email with a copy of slides, links and resources discussed throughout my session and a special offer to work with me in my 1:1 health coaching programs

  • post-session email support for participants who have questions or would like help with a specific issue (valued at $250)

  • complimentary 45-minute 1:1 discovery session for each participant (valued at over $140 per person) - to be booked for a separate date at the participant's discretion.


Prices listed above include time allocated to planning and preparing for the session, delivering the session, and post-session follow ups.

I've worked with the following brands...

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Workshop praise

After attending Bianca's '10 steps to Nourish and Flourish' wellbeing talk at work, I felt inspired and totally connected with her well-informed and up to the minute method.  I signed up for her program and frankly have not felt better on every level for years!  I could say 'ever'!  Her ethos is so bespoke; during the initial consultation I really felt Bianca's holistic, supportive and kind approach. No stone left unturned and that's a good thing because after years of sugar cravings, mood swings and carrying too much weight, I am not reaching for sugar at all, my mood is stable and I've shed many pounds. All I can say is:  if you are in a space where you feel ready to welcome an entirely new lifestyle in terms of nutrition (thanks for the affirmations, gratitude diary, physical health support and inviting me to the best yoga classes around!) - Bianca is your answer. Book her NOW!"

Sarah, London.

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IMG_1182 (3).JPG

"Bianca's sweet and gentle nature is the perfect complement to the hard-hitting truths she imparts around holistic health, wellbeing and mindfulness. I was blown away by how effortlessly she guided a room from complete silence to animated discussion, without compromising on the depth of the content or calmness of the room. Bianca somehow leaves you feeling educated, empowered, motivated, yet relaxed, and is genuinely just the nicest person. If you're feeling a bit lost in yourself and are seeking a gentle, nurturing soul to guide you through, I can only recommend Bianca as a starting point for that journey."

- Bonnie, Germany.

“I last minute booked onto Bianca’s and The Happiness Planner’s Mindful Eating Dinner event [see right image] and I was so glad I went! Bianca not only was full of amazing information but also inspired me to really think about the food I was eating. Before the event, I would count my calories and be scared of gaining any weight and not knowing how much I was eating. Now, I’m trying to wean myself off of counting and focusing on how I feel when I eat and making sure I don’t over stuff myself (which I was guilty of often). The only thing I’ll be keeping track of when it comes to food now is how I feel after I’ve eaten, how wonderful the food was and how much protein I’m getting in a day! Thank you for such an amazing event at an amazing venue!"

Scarlett, London.

farmacy group 3.jpg

Mindful Eating Dinner, Farmacy, London, 2018.

"The University of South Australia’s Aboriginal Staff network were pleased to have Bianca Chaptini present at our June 2020 Network meeting. Originally the meeting was to be in person but due to COVID-19 was presented online. Staff were grateful to Bianca that she was willing to share her presentation online and everyone appreciated her tips for wellbeing especially at this time. The links that Bianca shared with us were helpful and gave people the opportunity to explore further in their own time.
It was a shame [due to COVID] that we didn’t get to do the smoothie demo, but hopefully next time!

Deanne Hanchant-Nichols,  Consultant: Aboriginal Employment and Development University of South Australia.

If you want happier, healthier employees and a more motivated, empowered and energised workforce...

You’ve come to the right place 

I'd be delighted to help. Submit your wellbeing workshop enquiry today

Thank you for your enquiry. I will respond within 48 hours.

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