I look at food through the lens of primary and secondary foods:


These nourish us on a much deeper level than the foods, beverages and supplements we take in. 

Together we will explore imbalances in the following 'primary foods':

  • relationships

  • physical movement

  • spirituality

  • Passion/purpose/career, and

  • home environment


These key areas of life are all interrelated and when one becomes out of balance, it creates a domino-effect and affects the rest.


For example, if you're in a stressful work environment it's likely your personal relationships and sleep will take a toll. You'll probably have less time to pack a healthy lunch, too, resorting to processed foods and caving into cravings.


Don't worry, though. I'll help you address these challenges and introduce small yet sustainable steps to create greater harmony and health in your life.


These are the foods, drinks, supplements and remedies we take in.


Did you know that the average medicine degree includes just 19 hours of nutrition training?! I was pretty shocked when I discovered this and you might be too, right?


With stress and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) accounting for some of the top reasons we visit our GP, people need real help to treat these conditions with dietary changes. Unfortunately, most doctors don't have time to get into this with their patients, and instead hand out a "quick-fix" prescription.

This is where I come in. I've studied over 100 different dietary theories (not that I believe in dieting), but what I do believe is that there IS NOT a one-size-fits-all diet for everyone. 

I take into consideration my clients' specific health concerns, their digestion, age, budget, gender, lifestyle,  location, condition and constitution, and ancestry when putting together meal plans, recipes pantry makeovers.

I'll help you explore different foods and eating patterns that help you feel vibrant, energised and...ALIVE!

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