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I  host talks and workshops through the year on various topics ranging from gut health to mindful eating and mental health to help you get the tools you need to take back control of your health and your life.


I frequently deliver talks and workshops on a range of topics I am passionate about: mindful eating, 10 steps to nourish and flourish, gut health, conquering food cravings, and hormones + bespoke programs tailored to your workplace, community or group.

Please contact me to collaborate.

Bianca xx 

What they say...

Dev, Oxfam London

"I had the privilege to attend Bianca's session on health and wellbeing with the fellow volunteers at Oxfam. Her talk was extremely informative and topics covered were a real eye-opener. I would highly recommend experiencing it for yourself.

Julie, Headway North London

"Thank you so much for this evening's talk. You did a great job and inspired some of our members to take up the challenge to nourish and flourish. I'm sure you'll get some good feedback from our members on the benefits of those important 10 steps to wellbeing.

Yoko, Oxfam London

"Bianca was very easy to understand and her presentation was very informative. It was helpful that Bianca brought in the healthy products she talked about. I felt her passion and positive energy when she talked about nutrition. I will definitely ask Bianca if I have any questions on nutritional health.

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