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12 things to do in the morning before checking your phone

Are you someone who reaches straight for your phone, while still lying in bed, and scrolls around your social feeds aimlessly? Do you begin your day consciously with purpose, passion and inspired action or unconsciously as on auto-pilot, reactive mode? What level of awareness do you have around your morning ritual? Does it feel good to lie in bed on your device or could you feel better reading a book or journaling instead? What’s your soul asking for - more techy ‘doing’ time or more disconnected ‘being’ time?

Full admission: I used to be that person who would grab my phone first-thing once the alarm went off and scan through all my apps – (unknowingly) in search of a little dopamine hit – before getting on with my day. How did this leave me feeling? Anxious > stressed > reactive > low-vibin’ > rushed > frazzled > <insert negative emotion>

Until, one day, I decided no more. I had to put a stop to this reactive, ‘soul-crushing’ ritual and introduce some healthy boundaries with my tech use. Specifically, no technology for the first hour upon waking. I had read about it in a lot of spiritual books about keeping that first hour of the morning sacred, easing yourself into the day.

The result: increased calmness, savouring this sacred part of the day, more proactive rather than jumping into reactive mode and mindlessly responding to any communications that have come my way overnight (I still keep in touch with a lot of my London tribe). Also, more time for my morning feminine practice – to nurture my mind, body and soul with yoga, meditation, journaling, tongue scraping, smoothie making, celery-juicing, you name it etc.

True sustainable health is about making small tweaks in all areas of life, rather than drastic extreme changes. Honestly, this one small change has made a world of difference and I encourage you to give it a go especially if you’re struggling with anxiety or depression. You’re not missing out on anything, except for a truckload of stress, 'comparison-itis' and wasted time.

12 things you can do in the morning before checking your phone:

  1. Yoga or other exercise

  2. Meditation

  3. Gratitude journaling

  4. Affirmations

  5. Visualisation exercise

  6. Dry body brushing

  7. Sip warm lemon water

  8. Make a juice, smoothie, tea and sip mindfully

  9. Prepare a nourishing breakfast

  10. Spend time in nature

  11. Take a shower and try a one-minute cold rinse at the end

  12. Make love or look after yourself ahem… you get the idea!

Stay happy and healthy.

B x


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